Cha Cha Sparks* on Waking Up Early

*These words are electric. They light me up.

cha cha beat
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alone in bedroom blur

Some people wake up with a sense of purpose and a call to duty.

Some people, like me, wake up to an empty house and no exact time that they need to sign online. Some people, people like me, snooze their alarms in the morning, their subconscious dreams more compelling than this world.

I’ve never been a morning person. My alarm sounds at 7:15 a.m. My body acts independently of my mind to find the snooze button as soon as possible. An animalistic reflex to stop the noise. When I close my eyes again I am sucked back into the dream like Alice falling down the rabbit hole.

I hear the snooze alarm again and unconsciously swat it away. I do this at least twice. This morning the snooze sounded every eight minutes for over an hour. Sometimes that happens. Especially when I’m alone in the house. Propelled by purpose and reporting for duty, Justin has already left.

I’m grasping for reality. Copper Soup is helping. She pulls my hair under her paws as she walks across my pillow. She’s hungry. I force my eyes open and will myself awake.

For the first minute my brain floods with excuses and angst. Then I steady on my feet and head to the kitchen.

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cha cha beat

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